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Jupyter Notebook

Using Jupyter with Conda

When using Jupyter Notebook with Conda there might be problems. Jupiter might not find python packages you installed to the environment you use. To solve this use the nb_conda_kernels PIP package.


This package is designed to be managed solely using conda. It should be installed in then environment from which you run Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab. If you want to use my_conda_env as the conda environment you want to use. Just install nb_conda_kernels this way:

conda install -n my_conda_env nb_conda_kernels

Executing Jupyter Notebook from command line

jupyter nbconvert --ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=None --to notebook --execute <noteboo_name>.ipynb

The –ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=None is important to turn off the timeout for the maximum time (in seconds) each notebook cell is allowed to run.

also see:

If you have timeout problems - this might help: pip install git+


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