Install on Mac

To install Node.js we use the Node Version Manager (nvm). To install nvm we use Homebrew: brew install nvm

After nvm installation we get this message:

You should create NVM's working directory if it doesn't exist:

  mkdir ~/.nvm

Add the following to ~/.bash_profile or your desired shell
configuration file:

  export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
  [ -s "/usr/local/opt/nvm/" ] && . "/usr/local/opt/nvm/"  # This loads nvm
  [ -s "/usr/local/opt/nvm/etc/bash_completion" ] && . "/usr/local/opt/nvm/etc/bash_completion"  # This loads nvm bash_completion

You can set $NVM_DIR to any location, but leaving it unchanged from
/usr/local/opt/nvm will destroy any nvm-installed Node installations
upon upgrade/reinstall.

Type `nvm help` for further information.

Bash completion has been installed to:

After creating ~/.nvm and editing ~/.bash_profile we load the changes: source ~/.bash_profile

With nvm install node we install the latest version of Node.js.