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     * Data Interface: https://​​en/​latest/​python/​python_intro.html#​data-interface     * Data Interface: https://​​en/​latest/​python/​python_intro.html#​data-interface
     * Load and save the booster: https://​​en/​latest/​python/​python_intro.html#​training     * Load and save the booster: https://​​en/​latest/​python/​python_intro.html#​training
 +    * Using XGBoost External Memory Version: https://​​en/​latest/​tutorials/​external_memory.html
   * What is XGBoost: https://​​dansbecker/​xgboost   * What is XGBoost: https://​​dansbecker/​xgboost
   * Complete Guide to Parameter Tuning in XGBoost: https://​​blog/​2016/​03/​complete-guide-parameter-tuning-xgboost-with-codes-python/​   * Complete Guide to Parameter Tuning in XGBoost: https://​​blog/​2016/​03/​complete-guide-parameter-tuning-xgboost-with-codes-python/​
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