Linux Commands

Services / systemd

List enabled Services

systemctl list-unit-files --state=enabled

User Management

Create a User

useradd <username> -m -s /bin/bash
passwd <username>

Delete a User

User accounts can be deleted with the userdel command. The -r option specifies that the user’s home directory and mail spool should also be deleted.

userdel -r <username>

See also:

Add a User to a Group

gpasswd -a <username> <group>


Get Info about GPU

lshw -C display

Get Infos about CPU

cat /proc/cpuinfo


Rotate Terminal

  • to the right: echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate_all

  • to the left: echo 3 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate_all